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Welcome to kinkan Meet

Would you like to interaction with Japanese locals ?
At a Japanese drinking restaurant or a cafe.

kinkan Meet Overview

First, please let us know what kind of place (izakaya or cafe,etc.) you would like to interact.
After asking you about that, a local Japanese person will recommend a place for you.
Then enjoy the interaction.

Example 1

Enjoy the interaction at a nice seafood Japanese drinking restaurant.

Example 2

Enjoy the interaction at a nice Motsunabe restaurant.

Example 3

Enjoy the interaction at a nice Cafe.

Who will be the local Japanese?

local japanese

They are mostly local Japanese in their 20s and 30s.

They like to talk and interact with people from other countries.

We will accommodate your wishes as much as possible, whether you prefer the same gender or the different gender.


The fee is $150 per local Japanese and is for two hours.

*Please pay for all food and beverages.

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How to Contact Us

line app
Please download LINE from the App store or Google Play.
kinkan Meet QR code
Please add kinkan Meet via QR code.
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Please contact us through kinkan Meet.